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ADALAR POSTASI-163: trotsky, a pictorial biography…

15 Kasım 2005

Trotsky, a pictorial biography.

Author: David King, text by James Ryan.

Publisher: Iskra Research (Boston, USA) and SV-96 (Yekaterinburg, Russia); 176 pages, over 200 illustrations, color overleaf, hard book cover, 19 cm by 25 cm.

Chapter 4: Exile

109 Stalin had by now become the undisputed master of the Soviet Union. Trotsky would spend the years of his last exile defending the true Marxist doctrine from its Stalinist perversion, developing his dialectical analysis of the Soviet state and organizing the Fourth International as the Party of World Socialist Revolution.

110 Trotsky, Natalia Sedova and Lev Sedov on the island of Prinkipo in the Sea of Marmara. Trotsky was to spend four years from 1929 till 1933 on this remote island outside of Constantinople.

111 Above: Trotsky fishing with Kharalambos, a local Greek fisherman.
Middle: At his desk with a copy of the American Trotskyist newspaper.
Bottom: The house where he lived on Khamladji street.

112 Trotsky began to write his autobiography in his Soviet exile in Alma Ata and finished it in 1929 in Turkey. Here are some of the early editions of this book in the various languages of the world.
Below: A caricature against Trotsky published by Viktor Deni in the newspaper Pravda. Deni condemns Trotsky for selling his articles to the British newspaper “The Daily Express”.

113 Trotsky proudly shows off his catch.

114 In this photo Trotsky was visited by his wife Zina and two supposed followers, Adolf Senin (left) and Roman Weil (between Trotsky and Zina). Both men were later on discovered to have been Stalin’s agents.

115 Top left: A brochure by Trotsky “Why Stalin took away my citizenship” published in the United States in Yiddish by Trotsky’s supporters.
Top right: Trotsky’s brochure “The only way” describing his program of United Front struggle against fascism published in September 1932 by his supporters in Germany.
Bottom: In November of 1932 Trotsky was granted a temporary permit to come to Copenhagen in Denmark to deliver a lecture in front of radical Danish students on the 15th anniversary of the October Revolution. On his way there and back he was under constant supervision by the various police departments. This photo was taken at the Gare du Nord in Paris and Trotsky hid his face from the nosy reporter.

116 A photo of Trotsky delivering his lecture in Copenhagen in November of 1932.

118 This photo of Zina, Trotsky’s elder daughter, was found in the archives of the american Central Intelligence Agency. Zina was suffering from consumption and depression, was living in exile away from her family in Berlin, and in January 1933 took her life.

119 Top left: Zina in Turkey in the summer of 1932 when she visited her father for the last time.
Top right: Khristian Rakovsky photographed in his exile in Astrakhan.
Bottom: Trotsky surrounded by some of his young supporters in France in August of 1933.

120 Oppositionists in exile. Top left is B.Eltsin. Middle row on the right is I.M.Poznansky. The rest remain unnamed.
Bottom: A special printing of miniaturized Russian language Opposition journal, “Bulletin of the Opposition”. It was printed this way on very thin paper to enable copies to be smuggled into the Soviet Union. Victor Serge described such smuggling and other oppositional activity in Stalin’s Gulag in his novel “Midnight in the Century”.

121 Trotsky with some of his close supporters in Turkey in May of 1933. Standing next to him are Arne Swabeck and Pierre Frank. Sitting are: Jean van Heijenoort and Rudolf Klement. Klement would later be killed in Paris by Stalin’s agents.

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